Thank you to those who attended Talks inspired by HB Reavis on 21st of May at Butelkownia, Centrum Praskie Koneser.

What is Talks?
The more we talk,
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Talks is an inspirational conference series
bursting with innovative ideas
and learnings from industry thought leaders
that will shift the boundaries
of your knowledge.

Talks speakers

Professor Mark Post

Maastricht University, Netherlands

Topic: Meet new meat
World Technology Award for Environment Winner, Professor Post is most known for the development of the world’s first hamburger from cultured beef, which was presented in London in August 2013. Mark has founded Mosa Meat, a company that aims to continue the research and development of the cultured meat process, make the product competitive and consequently spread the technology.

Julian Treasure

The Sound Agency, Chertsey

Topic: Designed by your Ears
An expert on sounds and communication, who is also an advisor to the most influential brands in the world on how to use sound for their benefit.

Tim Oldman

Leesman, London

Topic: The workplace experience revolution
An expert in the field of workplace business strategy. He was working as an independent advisor to several leading global organisations, advising leadership teams on the alignment of their workplace strategies. This led to the exploration and development of new models, tools and theories and ultimately to the founding of Leesman, which is now the leading workplace effectiveness and employee experience database containing almost half a million employee responses worldwide.

Martyna Wojciechowska

Topic: Nothing is impossible
Traveller, journalist, writer, TV presenter, winner of numerous awards for her professional achievements. Author of the “Woman at the End of the World” documentary TV series with an audience of 2 million Poles. Conqueror of the Seven Summits, Director of Programming at Travel Channel.

Mo Gawdat

Topic: Solve for Happy
Chief Business Officer, entrepreneur, author of the book “Solve for Happy”, New York Mo joined Google in 2007 and has worked on innovative projects within the Emerging Trends market, including self-drive cars and balloon-powered global Internet. Mo has spoken widely on this topic on Channel 4 News.

Guy Meadows

Topic: Sleep
The Sleep School, London Founder, Clinical Director at The Sleep School. Passionate about educating people of the importance of sleep and its role in enhancing daytime mental and emotional health and resilience.

Tomasz Michniewicz

Topic: A parallel world. How information technology distorts our perception of reality
Journalist, reporter, photographer, traveller, and organizer of expeditions Author of four best-selling and award-winning book reportages. Winner of four statuettes at the Mediatravel festival of media art and travel, nominated for awards such as the National Geographic Traveler Award. Member of the Kolosy jury, the major body awarding travel and exploration activities in Poland.

Miłosz Brzeziński

Topic: Competencies of the Future – what will happen to us?
Mentor AIP Business Link, member of Experts Council of Thinktank Analytical Centre. Business consultant, provocative interpreter of psychology in business, inspirer who cooperates with the business market all over the world, certified coach of International Coaching Community, academic lecturer. He is an author of provocative books about the implementation of changes in the work and domestic environment.

Trevor Hardy

Topic: Neo-Kinship
The Future Laboratory CEO at The Future Laboratory CEO at The Future Laboratory, London – one of the world's best-known future-consultancy companies.

Radosław Kotarski

Topic: Biology of change and motivation
Altenberg Founder of Altenberg Founder of Altenberg publishing house, author of the book entitled "Włam się do mózgu” (“Hack the brain"). Content creator, author of "Polimaty" channel on YouTube, host and director of the TV show “Podróże z historią” ("Travels with history"). He loves taking extremely interesting topics under the microscope and sharing his research results with the public.

Jakub Szczęsny

Topic: Smart Buildings or how to remain smart in a world where buildings are smarter than us?
Simple House Chief designer of Simple House Chief designer of Simple House, architect, academic and curator of architecture. Winner of many Polish and international competitions. First Polish designer whose project – Keret House – was included in the permanent exhibition of MoMA, New York.

Nadia Laurinci

Topic: Curiosity - your tool for greatness
Laurinci Speakers, Bratislava-London-New York Founder and CEO of Laurinci Speakers Helping the leading innovators from the Silicon Valley as the Founder and CEO of Laurinci Speakers.

Philip Tidd

Gensler, London Philip Tidd is the Head of Consulting for Gensler, the world leader in designing collaborative workspace.

Michaela Musilová

SOSA, Bratislava The astrobiologist of the NASA simulated Mars desert research (USA).

Hugh Stewart

Foster + Partners, London Partner at Foster + Partners, one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world.

Jerzy Owsiak

A radio and television journalist, philanthropist, and social activist. The creator of the largest charity initiatives in Europe—the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation.

Lara Marrero

Gensler, London A trained psychologist and Senior Associate of Gensler, which is the world leader in designing collaborative workspace.

Florian Frotscher

Make Architects, London An architect and a Partner in London’s Make Architects, responsible for the design of many award-winning projects in Europe, including Geneva’s HSBC Private Bank.

Tim Rowe

Cambridge Innovation Center, USA Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center, a world expert in building and developing innovation centres.

Yuri Drabent

Internet Enterpreneur, Warsaw One of the social media marketing creator in Poland.


Agnieszka Cegielska

Polish weather presenter, TV presenter, former model and Miss Poland. Associated with the TVN station. Winner of the Croatian GRAND PRIX Golden Pen Top Journalist Award, Woman of the Year of the TVN Turbo channel, winner of the Telekamera award. Personally, a fan of healthy eating and everything natural.

Innovation fair



Going. App is a handy way to instantly purchase and collect tickets so they are never lost or forgotten.


Understand the way people think and feel through emotion recognition technology.


Stay online during your travel and forget about expensive roaming charges. XOXO WiFi - a pocket router connecting to best range local Internet operator in 130 countries worldwide.



Eagle One, the project of students from Lodz University of Technology, is a solar-powered vehicle which can successfully drive on roads. In sunny weather, fully-charged batteries allow for covering a distance of nearly 1500 km. Eagle One can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h. The total weight of the vehicle without the driver is merely 430 kg. The project redefines the traditional approach to design, allowing for deploying new, innovative solutions which may have a significant impact on the development of solar-powered vehicle technology. Prizes: first prize in the iLumen European Solar Challenge, an international competition for solar-powered electric vehicles.


Runvido is an end-to-end mobile application which makes images speak to us! How does it work? The user records a short video where one of the frames can, but does not have to, include an image which is supposed to be the data recipient. After putting the smartphone with launched Runvido close to the image, the smartphone plays the video recorded earlier (using the application) on printed images or paintings.


The company provides professional 3D printing services dedicated to a wide range of customers, including businesses, institutions, and individuals. Future Print thinks outside the box, based on the assumption that work is not only craftsmanship, but also genuine art. The company creates aesthetic and practical items for everyday use. As part of the Talks, Future Print will present a few interesting and inspiring solutions based on its machine park.


multiTap it is a team of young, experienced and dynamic professionals from IT sector, whose passion is interactive technologies surrounding our everyday life, becoming the integral part of it on the fields of business, education and amusement. They have a modern multimedia tool providing innovative and unusual possibilities of tactile presentation of products, information or services using unique, interactive mechanisms and advanced technologies.


An ideal combination of a human being and a machine. This ergonomic design features high-end technologies; therefore, every interaction with Sanbot ensures the most optimal experience


A unique medical VR app that will reveal to you the deepest secrets of a human body.


Revolution in music! Mash Machine turns its players into a DJ in seconds. The intuitive interface allows up to 4 players at the time to create their favourite music by just placing and moving the blocks on its slick surface


Hyperloop is a new means of transport that allows people or goods to move at very high speeds based on the concept of sustainable transport. Think of it as a cross between a train and an airplane. It will enable traveling near the speed of sound.


Creates projects for architecture and real estate industry in Virtual (VR) and Extended Reality (AR). Uses the potential of cutting edge technologies to enhance the process of investment design and promotion


GetAnna - answer and engage inbound leads within 5 minutes from initial contact via SMS and email, 24/7, increasing chances of conversion up to 21 times.


Humanoid robot that will be loved by you and your customers. Introduce a huge amount of innovation to your business. Employing the robot in your company will give your customers the opportunity to get into contact with the newest technology and will meet the need to obtain the detailed information about the products and receive professional service.


VersaBox design and produce SGV (Self Guided Vehicles) autonomous mobile robots for automation of intra-logistic processes in warehouses and production plants. Thanks to robotic transport systems, available 24/7, production plants and warehouses gains competitive advantage, costs reductions and increase processes continuity that translates into increase of production efficiency and profits.


In SEEDiA we create products that gather solar energy. Our solar benches, stands and other products utilize the energy they gather for charging mobile devices (with USB ports and wireless chargers), Wi-Fi hotspots, heated seats, radio, LEDs and paper screens.


Parkanizer is a platform that collects and shares data about free parking spaces. The data, collected from several sources is interpreted and displayed to drivers in mobile app. It is also used in Parkanizer Analytics specially designed for parking managers.


Jitiv is smart home system using AI algorithms to reduce Energy consumption. Jitiv is dedicated to flat or house and industry, offices. Jitiv have only one type of device but can manage also electric devices and lighting.

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